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Great To Meet You!

I'm Sam, and I love to teach and see you grow!

With over a decade and a half of expertise in course creation in various industries including emotional wellness, spirituality and corporate, my passion and focus is on empowering women to turn their expertise and passion into services with a difference minus the overwhelm and procrastination.

Truthfully, I grew so tired of watching anyone and their cat put out courses, charge thousands and not care enough to know whether their clients were getting results. I also became tired of seeing women become increasingly disappointed in the lack of results and not getting what they were paying for costing them their time, energy and money.


My mission is to correct this and teach women the art of course curation that gets results, if you too want to be a woman known for her expertise and results, get in touch!

samantha hyam

Working together will make you profitable in business and life

I know what you need because I have been there, wasted money on group work and courses and made mistakes so you don't have to!

I know you want a method that reduces your stress and process time and offers you the opportunity to make more money! You value your time and energy and you want to be able to put your time and energy into the other areas of your life too such as relationships and wellness. Well, don't worry, my Proven Psychology-backed 7-Step Curation Method will cover all the bases needed for you to create a stand-out course that will have people recommending you left right and centre!


My Personal Story

I have overcome a multitude of challenges, that have helped me to hone the skills and qualities I have today, including but not limited to:

Escaping 13 years of domestic violence, experiencing bullying, and suicide, managing a physical disability, living with a brain injury, losing my home, to name a few!

Using my skill set saved my life as I was left with nothing and two children to care for. By utilising skills, something no one could ever take from me, to create a business helping others, I provided a higher quality of life for myself and my children. Money does not create happiness, but it does create opportunities and a better quality of life.


I believe as a mentor, it is not just my job to inspire but to empower clients with personalised tools so they can take their next steps towards their goals teaching them to show themselves that they can achieve whatever they desire despite their past or current circumstances.

Our Personal & Business Values 

Kindness-We believe kindness is the baseline of any human interaction
Connection-We believe all humans need connection and to be seen and heard
Respect-We understand that even if we are not aligned to work together, we will offer respect and care to everyone we interact with
Integrity- Our word is our honour and we stand by honouring our words through our actions
Trust-We believe that for a relationship of any sort, there must be mutual trust.
Empowerment- We believe everyone we connect with should feel empowered by our communication and actions

In My Spare Time

healthy sweet treats
cat painting


black and white cute cat


paris at night



cute black cat


 I have a passion for exploring new places and expressing myself creatively through photography, modelling, painting, fine art, and cooking treats. I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, going on long walks and hikes and hanging out watching scary movies with my teen daughters. Additionally, I enjoy immersing myself in the world of theatre and plays and taking in the sun by the sea. I am also incredibly proud to say that I am a UK UN delegate and even prouder to mention my role as a "crazy cat grandma," with two beautiful feline grandsons named Atlas and Jasper. I live a simple life, don't I?

But I wouldn't have it any other way! Check out my recognition below!

Fun facts about me 


I am currently a UN Women UK Volunteer Delegate


I once met the late queen 


I am a natural intuitive and can read your energy as a trained Reiki Master

UN UK delegate

Are You Ready ?


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