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The Course Creator's Bundle

About This Program

Unleash your potential with our specially curated course bundle, created to propel you toward success. This exclusive package includes three transformative tools: the Zone of Genius and Course Idea Workbook, Tech SOS, and the Course Planner Template. Zone of Genius and Course Idea Workbook: This workbook is your first step to identifying what you do best and transforming it into a profitable course idea, giving you the foundation you need for impactful course creation. Tech SOS: Elevate your technical prowess with this course, ensuring you have the necessary skills to successfully build and launch your online course, covering everything from website setup to SEO optimization. Course Planner Template: Our planner template will help you meticulously organize and structure your course content, allowing for a logical flow that benefits your students, while keeping you on track with your course milestones. Enroll in the bundle now and begin a learning adventure that will guide you towards achieving your aspirations and leaving a lasting mark on the world of online education.

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Tech + Course Planner Bundle, £29.00
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