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The Skilled and Visible Events:
Grow your income, time, energy and impact!

Samantha Hyam teaching a workshop

Intimate events that speed your growth

You have an amazing idea for an additional income stream—a service or course where your expertise can shine.


Whether you're still in your 9-5 job, eager to transition into full-time entrepreneurship, or you’re already running a successful service-based business and ready to shift from exhausting 1:1 work to a scalable 1 model, this course could be your ticket to greater freedom and impact.

You promise to make time daily, but tech issues and other distractions trip you up. Days turn into weeks, and the course remains unfinished... 

The answer? A done-with-you event where you work alongside a mentor and women just like you to work smart and structure your profitable course, so you can finally get it out to your people!

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Ready to start your own business? (phase 1)

For those just starting, doubts creep in after information overload, making you feel overwhelmed, confused, and stressed. You spend hours researching but still feel stuck, unsure where to start. Your to-do list is never-ending, and the constant juggle between planning your exit from your job and building your course leaves you feeling drained.

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Already in Business and ready to move to courses? (Phase 2)

For those already in business, you're bogged down with 121 client work, leaving little time to focus on your course. You see others successfully launching their courses and wonder why you can’t do the same. The frustration mounts as you know creating this course would help people, yet you kick yourself every time it doesn't get done because you know you're ready to bring in a signature course but don't know how!

Go from confused to clear with your new course!

I know all too well the pains of female entrepreneurship...

It can be frustrating, overwhelming and isolating doing it alone when you want to feel confident, help people and bring in additional income to gain more time, energy and freedom- can you relate?

If you're ready to create your course or programme but feel overwhelmed by the process, you're in the right place.

I've designed transformative events for women just like you who are ready to step into their power and create courses and services with confidence and clarity alongside other women! 

Introducing...The Skilled & Visible Masterminds


My events are the easiest way to go from overwhelmed to crystal clear in a short space of time!



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We cover everything from:


Presented by Samantha Hyam
Founder & Qualified Course Consultant

With over a decade of experience mentoring women and running businesses based on courses and memberships, Samantha, an award-winning best-selling author wants to empower you with valuable skills to create a life you love that feels fun, free and on your terms.  Samantha will teach you how to connect with your clients and craft a service or course that gets you results & respect, not just a quick sale.

Benefits of attending my 'no fluff' events

Create a business that works for you & and have a better quality of life


How will the Masterminds help me create a successful course?

You will be given the blueprint and all the tools and techniques to create a standout course that gets results! Not only that- we will cover mindset and application and you will have me mentoring you from 9-5!

What support and resources will be available during and after the event?

I will be with you throughout the day answering all of your questions and guiding you to reach your goals for the day. I will also be providing you with done-for-you resources for free to make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable!

Can I access the event recordings if I miss a session?

Unfortunately, this is a live event and due to confidentiality, we will not be recording the experience- the best way to not miss out is to join us! We currently have an early bird offer!

Is there a community or networking opportunities available for participants?

Hell yeah! This is what will make the event unique as you will be co-working and learning about empowered networking on the day - it will be a great opportunity to make new connections and friends!

What happens after the event? Will there be ongoing support or follow-up resources?

Of course! It does not have to end here! There will be a private community for you to continue your connections along with special offers and exclusive opportunities!
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A 121 with Sam will change your world in more ways than one!

Sabrina, London

If you are still unsure...

Don't waste more time and energy worrying about cost, lack of skills, and time constraints. Working with me will fix all of that.

Invest in yourself and watch your business soar with expert guidance tailored to your schedule.

Don't let fear of failure hold you back—imagine the frustration of still staying in your 121 model, tired and only making a limited amount of money because you didn't take action... Embrace the opportunity to build your vision and create a legacy that empowers you and inspires others.

Can't join us this round? Register your interest below and be the first to know about the next course creation event!

​Upcoming Events

  • From Idea to Income Mastermind: Phase 1-Beginner
    From Idea to Income Mastermind: Phase 1-Beginner
    Weekday 10am -2pm
    Location is TBD
    Weekday 10am -2pm
    Location is TBD
    Weekday 10am -2pm
    Location is TBD
    For the female entrepreneur who is ready to turn her service-based idea into a business & lay the right foundations
  • From Service to Courses Mastermind : Phase 2- Established Business Owners
    From Service to Courses Mastermind : Phase 2- Established Business Owners
    Weekday 10am -2pm
    Central London
    Weekday 10am -2pm
    Central London
    Weekday 10am -2pm
    Central London
    For the female entrepreneur ready to turn her service into a course or programme so that she can ditch the 121 model for 1 to many!
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